Our Hair

Things You Should Know About  Our Hair

So you would have noticed while browsing our website that we have different hair categories - Standard, Signature & Premium. This page will help to explain the different between each of them and can help to you decide which one to go for. All our our hair bundles are:

100% Human Hair

Double Wefted

Standard Hair

These are wrapped in our blue bundle labels. Our Standard hair is our most affordable hair, but the quality is less than our Signature & Premium hair. Our Standard hair is chemically processed in order to achieve a better look (processed hair is known not to last as long as hair that is not processed). Although this hair can be dyed we really do not recommend doing this with our Standard hair because it has already gone through chemical processing and going through another one would just damage the hair too much which would cause more shedding and matting. The only time we would suggest that it would be fine to dye this hair would be if you only plan on using it for a few months 2-3 at most and even with this the absolute lightest you should go would be a colour 30. Our standard hair bundles are thick, but this is because they come from multiple donors and it includes more shorter hairs.

With proper care our Standard bundles can last 6 months - 1 year (this becomes 3-5 months if you dye it)

Signature Hair

These are wrapped in our white and pink bundle labels. It is 100% virgin, unprocessed hair, the quality of this hair is good, but less than our Premium hair. If you're looking for good hair at a good price, that is suitable to dye, then this would be good for you. As with all hair, once your dye it, the quality decreases, but these would be better to dye than our Standard bundles. Compared to our Standard bundles, these bundles are not as thick, because they contain less shorter hairs. 

With the proper care our Signature hair can last 12-18 months. 

Premium Hair

These are wrapped in our white and gold bundle labels. Our Premium hair is the best we have to offer. 100% virgin, unprocessed hair, and more durable than our  Signature & Standard Hair. Our Premium hair can be dyed to colour 27. Dying any lighter can ruin even the best of hair. If you really want to go lighter we would recommend just buying hair that is already professionally bleached and coloured in the colour you were hoping for. Our Premium hair would be good for you if you want reliable hair without needing to purchase every few months, however this hair may not be for everyone. If you are someone who does like to change their style and length regularly, then you would honestly be better going for our Standard or Signature bundles.

With proper care our Premium bundles can last 2-4 years