Our Hair

Things You Should Know About  Our Hair

So you would have noticed while browsing out website that we have different hair categories - Signature & Premium. This page will help to explain the different between each of them and can help to you decide which one to go for. All our our hair is:

100% Human Hair

Not Chemically Processed 

Cuticle Aligned 

Double Wefted

Signature Hair

These are wrapped in our blue bundle labels. Our Signature hair is our most affordable. It is 100% virgin hair, the quality of this hair is good, but less than our Premium hair. If you're looking for good hair at a good price, this would be suitable for you. We do not recommend our Signature hair if you wish to dye it. Although our Signature hair can be dyed, the quality will reduce once this is done which will increase shedding and we would only suggest going for our Premium Hair if you plan on dying your hair bundles. With the proper care and no dying/bleaching our Signature hair can last 1 year. 

Premium Hair

These are wrapped in our white & gold bundle labels. Our Premium hair is the best we have to offer. 100% virgin hair, and a lot more durable than our  Signature Hair. Our Premium hair can be dyed to colour 27. Dying any lighter can ruin even the best of hair. If you really want to go lighter we would recommend just buying hair that is already professionally bleached and coloured in the colour you were hoping for. Our Premium hair can last up to 3 years if taken care or properly. 


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